Monday, January 3, 2011


My cheerleading squad goes to a summer camp sponsored by UCA (The Universal Cheerleading Association); and last year I was noticed and nominated to apply to be a staff member this coming summer. I got the application before Christmas Break and have started to fill it out; basically I just have to list how many years I've been cheering, my standing and running tumbling skills, weight and height, and a short essay on why I want to participate in this summer job program. Also I need to get a letter of recommendation from my current cheerleading coach. If my application is reviewed and I get a call back for an interview and tryout, I will have to go to a UCA headquarter and tryout with other teenagers from my region. If I get the job, I will spend my summer traveling anywhere from one to six hours from my home to teach cheers, dances, and stunts to cheerleaders at private or public camps.

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