Sunday, January 16, 2011

High School Competition Sqauds of the Week

Johns Creek 2009-2010 Competition Squad

Their uniforms are very unique and a bit strange for my taste but there is no doubt about it, this squad is amazing. They do not just perform difficult stunts but they execute them flawlessly. And tumbling, every single girl has a standing tuck and it seems like half of the girls have full-twisting layouts. As for dancing, their motions are tight and they change formations often, making their dance entertaining to watch. Now, they do not have a cheer, which may be confusing to many since the sport is called cheerleading. However, cheerleading competition squad routines are getting away from the cheering aspect and going more towards the athletic parts such as stunting, tumbling, and jumping. However, this squad did not receive first at this competition...

Columbus 2009-2010 Competition Squad

This squad received first. They were the defending state champions and pulled out another first place state finish. It's one thing to have an amazing squad one year, but this squad seems to have an amazing squad every year. This squad was more creative in their stunts and kept with the more traditional cheerleading look and cheer incorporation, even though it was a voice-over cheer that played while the music kept going. Those factors are what gave Columbus the edge over Johns Creek to win the title of State Champions.

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