Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bring It On: The Musical

Bring It On, the original cheerleading movie came out in 2000; I've probably watched it hundreds of times and can recite the whole movie word for word. Anyone who's a cheerleader could probably say the same thing, this movie was the first of its kind to show off the true side of cheerleading. Well, now here comes the musical. The director of the musical, Andy Blankenbuehler, was never a cheerleader and had no idea where to start with the choreography, so he teamed up with the UCA staff and planned out the stunts, tumbling, jumps, and dance numbers. The UCA staff helped him by actually performing what he wanted so he could see how it would all fall together. The show starts touring this month, opening up in Atlanta at the Alliance Theater. I really hope it comes to my hometown, because like any other cheerleader, I'm dying to see this. (UCA Article and Bring It On: The Musical)

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