Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Country/Pop Princess's New Music Video

I know I usually talk about the newest science/medical discovery, cheerleading, or something pertaining to my senior year but today I would like to talk about Taylor Swift's new music video. Her latest video, Back To December was  premiered on YouTube today. I came home from school and noticed that the video had come out, so I sat down to watch it. Now, I love the song; it really hits close to home for me. I had this boyfriend my freshman and sophomore year, and being young and naive I planned my whole world around him; well we ended up breaking up December of my sophomore year. Even though we had ended things, we kept going back to each other and we could never seem to move on. Things went back and forth for a long time, but after he graduated last year we stopped all communication. Even though we don't talk anymore, I still go back to those December nights and replay all the time we spent together right before things ended. Now, you can see why this song would really speak to me, but here's the things; the music video was so disappointing. I usually love everything Taylor does, her music videos are usually beautifully done and tell such an amazing story, much like her songs. However, this one, while of amazing quality lacked a story. I guess there was one there somewhat, but mostly she's just sitting in a room while it snows in doors and there's this boy out walking around in the snow. I kept waiting for something to happen, like him showing up at her doorstep and making the snow stop or her running into him at the baseball field, but nothing ever happened. The only thing that did happen was him finding a note in his coat pocket that she had written, but that confused me. The song was supposed to be written from her point of view and she left this amazing guy and regretted it, but the video almost makes it seem like it was him who left because he keeps walking around this house which appears to be hers. I guess if the video is staying true to the song, the note he finds could be her break-up letter to him but I'm just not sure. Watch the video and see what you think, maybe someone can help me figure it out or give me their ideas...

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