Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Look at a High School Competition Score Sheet

Many people do not consider cheerleading a sport because in order for an activity to be a sport you have to actually compete against another team. Well this is where competitions come in, but then you get the people who think we are judged on how short our skirt is and how cute we look. Well I'm here to try and get some respect for all the cheerleaders out there like me, who participate in the sport because they love it, not just because they like to wear the uniform. I'm here to stand up for the real athletes that spend all week at practices and games, and then wake up early on Saturday to compete. OK, so if we're not judged on our appearance then what in the world are we judged on? Well here is a high school score sheet to tell you just that. This is only one judge's score sheet, usually there is around three or four judges, so the score at the bottom of each sheet is added up to give each squad their final score. The final scores are then ranked highest to lowest in each division (ex. varsity, junior varsity, junior high... ), the squad with the highest score in their division receives first place and then the squad with the highest score of all divisions receives grand champs. Hopefully this score sheet clears some things up and gives everyone an understanding on what exactly cheerleaders are judged on at competitions.

While this team's execution of their routine is not flawless,
it's very hard to be perfect in the world of cheerleading.

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