Tuesday, December 21, 2010

10 Items You Can Find In Any Cheerleader's Competition Bag

1. Hairspray - with all that jumping and flipping around you have to make sure that hair stays in place
2. Ponytails and Bobby pins - like I said, you have to keep that hair in place
3. Nfinity's - every athlete needs the best shoe for their sport, cheerleading's no exception
4. A Big Bow - the cheer hair accessory; every squad wears them, no exceptions
5. Glittery Eye Make-Up - the newest trend in the cheer world, super sparkly eyes
6. Ankle, Knee, or Wrist Brace - cheerleading's a tough sport and along with it comes injuries
7. Uniform - less and less material is being used to make these but you still need to wear something
8. Spankies/Bloomers - with all the flipping and jumping, you need something under that skirt
9. Make-Up and Fingernail Polish Remover - all that glitter is hard to get off and nail polish is a big "no no" in the world of cheerleading, unless it's clear of course
10. Water/Gatorade - like any other sport, you need to stay hydrated

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