Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Find the Cancer Wen It iI just One Cell and Eliminate It?!

"Johnson and Johnson will partner with Massachusetts General Hospital to develop and market a blood test that could find a single cancer cell circulating in a person's blood. Researchers hope the test will be used by oncologists as a diagnostic tool aimed at discovering as early as possible if a cancer has spread, as well as by researchers in coming up with new drug therapies. (New test under development could find single cancer cell in blood)"

Just imagine a world where cancer can be found as early on as it's first cell, making it a treatable disease. Well it seems with this new technology, that world may not be too far off. It seems like with each year, science gets more and more advanced and finds the cures or solutions to diseases that were thought to be a death sentence, like polio was back in the 19 and early 20th century. It seems like everyday I get on a news website there is some article about a new medical discovery and that amazes me; at this rate I will live to see the day that we'll have every disease cured and have discovered a way to live till 200 years old.

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