Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Calories Posted Right On The Menu

"Posting calories on menus has little effect on what customers buy, according to a recent study. Customers at TacoTime (a western Washington chain)  who read how many calories are in their chimichangas, burritos and tacos on the restaurant's menu were just as likely to order them as people who don’t have that information. For 13 months, researchers recorded food purchases at seven suburban TacoTimes and seven inside Seattle, Washington. Contrary to their hypothesis, “We found no difference,” said lead author Eric Finkelstein.  “We looked at the variables – the transactions, total calories per transaction, food, dessert, entrees. We weren’t able to find any effect whatsoever.” The findings suggest that having calorie information did not change public health behavior. Regardless, nationwide changes are coming. The health care reform bill, passed last year,  requires fast food chains to post their nutritional information on menus.(Customers Pay Little Heed To Calories On Menus)"

This bill that will come into effect soon should not just be for fast food restaurants but for all restaurants. When I go out to eat I want to know how many calories I will be consuming and also I would like to know all the ingredients in my dinner. Now many Americans might not care about this but I do. My parents raised me to eat healthy food and they buy organic food when they can, and honestly I like organic and healthier food better than something from a fast food chain. But regardless if having the calorie information on the menu affects sales or not, it should still be printed for us people who would like to know.

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