Saturday, January 15, 2011

First Practice Sitting Out, Ever!

Last night I had to sit out of my first cheerleading practice ever. Why? I had been having difficulty breathing after competing at competitions, so I went to get some testing done on Tuesday. I had an EKG done and it showed that I have abnormal heart rhythms, so now I'm stuck on the sidelines watching until my doctor can figure out what's wrong. Last night my squad had to change their whole routine, including putting a new flyer in my position. Everyone was in a bad mood and was questioning why we were even going to compete today. However, even after all the changes and putting a new flyer in; my squad came out of the competition today with a second place trophy. Not bad, if I say so myself. Even more impressive, every stunt hit and the squad that got first in our division also won grand champs. I never have experienced something so frustrating, last night at practice all I wanted to do was jump in there and fill my position. Maybe if I felt like something was wrong this wouldn't be so hard to deal with, but I feel completely fine. I'll admit that there are times when I complain about going to cheerleading practice or competitions because I'd rather be with my friends but sitting out for just one practice made me realize how much I will honestly miss it if I can't come back. I've been cheering for twelve years now and not being able to finish out my senior year would be devastating. For now I'm just trying to stay positive and hoping for the best.

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