Saturday, March 16, 2013

It's been a while

I started this blog as a school project my senior year of high school and after graduation forgot about it. However, today I decided to log on to find some cheering videos that I had posted and found that some people had commented on a post about cheerleading diet and exercise plans.

First off, I am now cheering at the college level and am currently a sophomore. I am still a flyer and the top girl in most of our two-level stunts, meaning that I am being held by other flyers who are being held by bases. I've also learned to do back-tuck baskettosses, switch-ups (tick-tocks), and full-ups. Along with practices, we also do work-out with the colleges athletic trainer twice a week.

Most of our work out are focused around strength training right now, so I also like to go on runs on our off days. I will usually run about two miles or mix it up with a mile run and then alternate between sprints and walking for the second mile. As for our strength work-outs, we do a lot with 8 pound weights. We do different exercises for chest and back, usually only 1 or 2 sets of 12. However, I can't seem to find pictures of the types of exercises we do, but I found this no-gym, no-equipment work-out which works just as good and we also incorporate a lot of these moves into our work-outs.

Along with this routine add in some simple crunches and planks (start at 30 seconds till that becomes easy then try for a minute, and so on as each amount of time becomes easier). The key to keep making improvements is to never let your body become bored with a work-out so after doing something for a few weeks and if it's becoming too easy, add more weight or more sets / time. Along with this, if your running routes becoming to easy try incorporating more hills into your route or go an extra half mile. 

As for a diet plan, keep in mind that I am in college and trying to eat healthy in a college cafeteria / planning meals around my class times. 

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
Breakfast (7 a.m.) - 1 pack of instant oatmeal (Quaker Weight Control Variety Pack)
Morning Snack (10 a.m.) - 1 banana or apple and 15 almonds (no salt)
Lunch (12 p.m.) - sandwich (wheat bread with either provolone cheese, hummus, and cucumber or with turkey and mustard)
Afternoon Snack (3 p.m.) - either carrots or celery
Dinner (6 p.m.) - a salad with grilled chicken and lots of veggies with oil / vinegar dressing 

Tuesday and Thursday
Breakfast (7 a.m.) - 1 Yoplait greek yogurt
Morning Snack (10 a.m.) - 1 Kashi trail mix granola bar
Lunch (12 p.m.) - a salad with grilled chicken and parmesan cheese with Ken' fat free raspberry vinaigrette dressing
Afternoon Snack (3 p.m.) - 1 apple
Dinner (6 p.m.) - soup (whatever the cafeteria is serving, usually some sort of variation on chicken noodle) and some steamed veggies 

I only drink water and carry a bottle with me at all times; I try to drink 6 bottles a day. The only other beverage I drink is coffee (black) and green tea is also a good choice. To sum it all up, sugar and salt are a no-no, and always choose fresh food over processed.

Hope this answers the questions people had about diet and exercise plans for cheerleaders!