Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Friday Marks The Half-Way Point

This Friday is the last day of the second marking period, meaning that my senior year is half way over. So far this year, I've done numerous projects for DIA (Democracy In Action) and will admit that I actually have learned something about our economy and government. Also, as the mid-point of this year approaches I'm finally understanding AP Calculus and hope to improve my grades this next half. After half a year of AP Chemistry, I think I have decided to either double major or minor in Chemistry when I go to college. I have applied to four colleges and been accepted to one so far, I hope to hear from the other three soon. As for cheerleading, I am currently sitting out from the athletic part and hope to return by next month. However, I may never be allowed to tumble again. But as for my cheerleading year before this all happened, I was named a captain, nominated to become a UCA Camp Instructor, nominated and made the Big 33 cheerleading Squad, and my competition squad has competed in five competitions finishing first or second in all of them. Hopefully once I get my medical issues worked out, I will get to return to my squad and flying spot and help my squad win more first place trophies. As this half of the year becomes the past, I am now looking forward to the Senior Dinner Dance and Prom.

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