Friday, January 28, 2011

Television Specials for the Science Geek at Heart

PBS is a television station much like the discovery channel. They air children's cartoons that have an educational side to them, teaching children about science and math. Also they have special programs like NOVA and NOVA Science Now. You can watch the NOVA Science Now Specials online at the PBS Video area. I recently watched a NOVA Science Now special titled Can We Live Forever?  The special deals with different ways to increase the human life span and increase the quality of living as the life span becomes longer. The special talked about topics such as generating whole organs out of single cells, finding a gene (Foxo) that keeps the quality of living better for humans as they age, and using a new technique like freezing to save someones life after they've had a heart attack. So for all you science geeks out there like myself, here is a great new station filled with many specials about stuff you'll love.

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