Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Information Age: Ruining Today's Youth?

"All that texting and social networking by teenagers could come back to byte them. A new study by the Case Western Reserve School of Medicine links poor health behaviors -- including smoking, drinking and sexual activity -- to hyper-texting and hyper-networking. The study defines hyper-texting as sending more than 120 messages a day. Hyper-networking is spending more than three hours per school day on social network sites like Facebook, it said. (Hyper-Texting Teens)"

While I can believe this, I don't think it's entirely these forms of communication's fault. While texting and Facebook does make it easier to communicate to more people privately and therefore, gives teens more of a chance to talk about and plan these kinds of activities, I don't think we can solely blame this behavior on the ways we communicate. Our society and what it values must also be taken into consideration. Our society has put good values on a back burner and what teens today see is Hollywood stars that are their age that are engaging in these activities and they look up to them and want to do these things themselves. I think these bad role models and the easiness of communicating with other teens privately have caused this spike in this kind of behavior.

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