Sunday, November 7, 2010

The End Has Come

Friday night ended our 2010 football season. It was freezing outside, with some sleet coming down at the beginning of the game. The boys played hard but the other team had more motivation than we did and in the end that's what won them the game. The final score was 41-14. Unfortunately we went out on a loss but we still ended the season 6-4; which is not too bad of a record. I'm still disappointed that we never lived up to expectations but it is what it is. Now instead of spending my Friday nights under the lights cheering on the football team, I'll spend those nights with friends. As much as I hate to see this season end, I'm ready for some extra free time. And now on to competition, basketball, and wrestling season. It seems like life never slows down for me in the cheerleading department.

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