Thursday, November 4, 2010

5 Ways Your Cell Phone Can Save Your Life

"1. Program your cell so people can find you
If you're lying unconscious somewhere, how would anyone locate you? Verizon, Sprint and AT&T all have locators where you can find members of your family. In addition, you can do a search on iTunes for applications that use your smartphone's GPS to let you know where you are.

2. Put your "in case of emergency" contact into your cell phone
The trick here is to put your "ICE" information into your cell in as big and obvious a way as possible. Connie Meyer, the incoming president of the National Association of EMTs, suggests putting the "ICE" information into your contact list under "ICE." "Most EMTs know to look for that," says Meyer, a paramedic and registered nurse. "And make sure your ICE contact is someone who really knows your medical history."

3. Put your medical information on your cell
If you have a particular medical condition or are taking certain drugs, emergency workers need to know. You can put that information in the same place as your ICE contact, and you can also get an app that stores it. Choose an app that puts the information (or an icon leading to it) on the front screen of your phone so it's easy to find. Jared makes one for your BlackBerry and Polka makes one that goes on the front screen of your iPhone, which will work even if your phone is locked.

4. Get an app that teaches you first aid and CPR
Several groups, including the American Heart Association, have an app for that.

5. Find help nearby
Several apps, such as iTriage or DocGPS, will direct you to the nearest emergency room."
(5 Ways Your Cell Phone Can Save Your Life)

In today's day and age pretty much everyone, even children, have a cell phone; so this is a great idea. This could help out not just in car wrecks but also in missing person cases. Say a child is kidnapped; if they have their cell phone on them and it's programed with a locator, the police on the case could use this to find the child more quickly and easier. Programing your phone with these easy tips and downloading these apps for your smart phone could maybe one day save your life; so take these tips to heart.

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