Friday, November 5, 2010

The End Is Near...

Tonight at 7 pm., I will cheer in my final high school football game. Our record so far is 6-3, and we hope to make it 7-3 tonight; finishing off our season with a win. This game will be bitter sweet for us seniors. On one hand we'll finally get our Friday nights off and have more time to spend with our friends, but also it will be the last football game of our senior year; for most of the seniors it will be the last time they play this sport on a team. I plan to cheer in college so for me, this is just another end of a season; but for some of the girls this is the last Friday night they'll spend cheering on the sidelines under the lights. I'm sure after the clock runs out in the fourth quarter, no matter what the outcome, there will be some tears. Even though we've had a winning season, we're not going to the play-offs. This is also a huge disappointment to us seniors, who watched the seniors our freshman year make it all the way to the state quarterfinal play-offs. I cheered for varsity my freshman year and actually cheered at that game. We played Strong Vincent in Erie. It was Saturday December 1, 2007 and the snow was falling. We had just come off a game which we won 54-0 and expectations were high. Unfortunately we lost the game, but our team went down in history as the only team from our county to advance that far in the state play-offs. My four years I've been cheering for the school have been four great ones; I've gained friends and watched our team go from an amazing year to two rebuilding seasons to this year, which I thought was going to be a repeat of my freshman year. I won't lie, I'm a little disappointed that we won't have the chance to move on but all good things must come to an end.

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