Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Competition Season Is Right Around The Corner...

Typical Cheerleading Gym - pretty much just a
giant building with a large blue mat

Next Saturday my squad will compete in our first competition of the season. Every Wednesday starting last week and ending next week, we travel about half an hour to practice on a full spring floor. At our school we don't have the money or storage for a full size competition floor so we have to travel to practice on one; this is what we have been doing every Wednesday to make sure we have our spacing right and so that we may practice our routine full out. These are the practices that take endurance and perseverance because this is the first time this year we have run this routine with all the tumbling and stunts, so the first few times will seem like a real workout. Also, these are the practice that we really need everyone to attend because like my coach always says, "no one sits the bench in cheerleading."

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