Tuesday, November 2, 2010

All-Star Competitive Cheerleading

Along with High School Competition squads, there are also All-Star squads. All-Star squads have their own practice building and consist of kids from a surrounding area, not just from one school. They practice only once a week and each All-Star "company" has different levels of teams. Each level has special regulations that tell them what stunts and tumbling they are allowed to perform. (Regulations For Level 1-6 All-Star Cheerleading) They have to have a two minute routine just like high school competition squads. The only difference is they do not have to have a cheer; usually they have a voice over in their music of a short chant. All-Star squads usually have anywhere from 20-40 members on a team; this is the most significant difference from a high school squad. Also their uniforms are noticeably different. While high school squads have more clean cut and simple uniforms; All-Star squads have flashy and usually mid-drift baring uniforms. Another difference from high school squads is the cost. You must not only pay for your uniform but you must pay to just simply be on the squad. The cost can range anywhere from $25-$100 per month. Some also require you to pay for each competition you attend; which usually is around $100 per athlete. Besides the cost, another significant difference from high school squads is they must also provide their own transportation to and from competitions. Also All-Star squads definitely put more emphasis on the tumbling aspect of cheerleading, where in high school it's great if you have it  but it's not required to make the team. Also I feel this should be obvious but it might not be but All-Star squads do not compete again high school squads at competitions; they are in their own division. The divisions in All Star cheerleading are: Mini Level1 (this squad consists of 3-5 year olds), Youth Level1-3 (this squad consists of elementary school aged children and the level varies depending on the experience and talent of the squad; however, they usually do not go higher than a level 3 due to difficulty of stunts for children this age), Junior Level1-5 (this squad consists of middle school aged kids and level also varies depending on ability), and Senior Level 1-6 (this squad consists of high school aged kids, with level again depending on ability). The All-Star competition season is also from November through March. So that means this month starts the season and I personally can't wait.

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