Monday, December 6, 2010

Competition #3

This performance was our best so far this season; every stunt hit and everyone did their tumbling. However, we did get second place. This was mostly due to a deduction because our dance was not "age appropriate." I love our dance and feel that it is not the slightest bit inappropriate for high school aged teenagers; but cheerleading is judged on preference and the judges were middle aged women who apparently did not enjoy our style of dancing. This is the second time we have been warned about the appropriateness of our dance, so this week at practice we are changing it. A big part of cheerleading is putting together a routine to fit the preferences of the judges. The scores are in their hands and if they do not like your routine, they will not score you as high even if your routine was more entertaining to the crowd. This may seem unfair but it's just another thing you have to be conscious of when putting together a cheerleading routine. This week at practice, we'll find out the consequences to not meeting these requirements.

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