Thursday, February 10, 2011

UCA Staff Uses Their Talent to Help Raise Funds for MDA

"Throughout the year, UCA State Directors raise money for Muscle Dystrophy Association (MDA). They do a variety of fundraisers to raise money, like hold jump offs at their competitions and host fundraising events. Each year UCA Regional Manager, Lauri Harris, heads up the MDA project. To help spread the word she, along with some help from local squads, created a Flash Mob video and called it "How many muscles does it take to walk?" (UCA and MDA)"

"For the past 20 years, the UCA Staff has presented MDA with a check at the Labor Day Telethon and every year has raised enough money to present MDA with a check of $50,000. Once the staff has presented MDA with a check, they get to show off their skills by performing live on the Labor Day Telethon. "

I think many people view cheerleading as a "shallow" sport, every squad is all glammed up with sparkles and big curls with their short skirts. However, behind all the glitter and pep of a cheerleader, there is a person who volunteers in their community.  The staff of UCA (The Universal Cheerleading Association) is no different. They, like many other squads, have set out to make a better name for cheerleaders. UCA encourages squads across America to volunteer in their community and use their talent to help raise funds for causes like MDA.

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