Saturday, February 26, 2011

It's Dress Shopping Season

My dress: However, I ordered it in purple.
 With prom coming up in May, I started to shop for a dress. After not finding the perfect one in any of the three shops I looked at last weekend, this weekend it only took me one shop and four dresses to find my dream dress. I actually ended up with something completely different from my junior year prom dress. Last year my dress was completely covered in beads and sequins, this year my dress is more simple. I'm extremely excited for prom this year. My school hosts our prom at a local "community center/country club" and I really enjoyed it last year. My friend's parents put together a home cooked dinner for us at their house before we went to promenade. Promenade is a parade right before prom so people from the community, family friends, and teachers can see all the juniors and seniors all dressed up. After promenade, all the students get in their cars and drive to the prom and dance the night away, well at least till 11. After the dance is over, most kids go to an after party. My friends and I camped last year. We spent the night sitting around a huge bond fire, talking about the day and eating snacks. I had so much fun at the prom last year and this year I hope will be even better.

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