Friday, February 18, 2011

High School Competition Squad of the Week

2010 Dunbar High School

Few people may remember the television show Cheerleader Nation which aired in 2007. This show was somewhat of a documentary of cheerleading, focusing on the Dunbar Varsity cheerleading squad. What was special about this squad was they were National Champions three years in a row, going for their fourth year. The show documented everything from practices, competitions, work they did in their community, and their personal lives. I felt that the show really portrayed cheerleading in a realistic way, showing the struggles and pressure their squad was under to win that fourth championship. This video is of their 2010 squad. While the girls we fell in love with on the show no longer are apart of this squad, the great Dunbar cheerleading tradition is still alive. They have now won seven, count them seven, national championship titles.

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