Sunday, March 20, 2011

High School Competition Squad of the Week

Fairport Varsity Cheerleading Nationals 2011, Baltimore, MD

I like this video because of the way it goes through and shows the routine and then the results and the squads reaction. I also like how during the routine you can hear the girl's parents yelling with them. I don't think many people realize how big of a commitment cheerleading is and how involved most parents are in their childs squad. This squad seems to have it all; great tumbling, amazing stunts, perfect jumps, energy, and spirit. However, even thought I feel like I say this a lot, this squads stunts are superior to any varsity squad I have seen before. That opening stunt sequence, was flawless and amazingly difficult. But all in all, this is another amazing squad that works had and has a great team every year.

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