Sunday, May 8, 2011

High School Competition Squad of the Week

Japan Cheer MIXED Cheerleading World Championships 2009

Cheerleading may have originated in the United States. but it has now become a popular sport all over the world. This Japan team from 2009 is amazing. This squad is not a high school squad, well at least I do not think they are, but they member of the team seem to be around the high school age at least. One major difference between U.S. squads and Japan squads is their stunts. Japan teams, including this one, have extremely difficult stunts jam packed through out their whole routine; where as a U.S. squad would only have a few. However, the U.S. squads seem to have a lot more tumbling through out their routines and seem to have more difficult passes. All in all, cheerleading have now become a global sport and it's interesting to see how each country performs their routine.

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