Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Is The Grass Really Greener?

The grass is greener on the other side; we've all heard this popular saying, but is it really true. This week is tryout week for cheerleading at my school. Since I'll be graduating this year, instead of trying out I am helping teach the material. While I enjoy teaching dances and cheers, and coaching is a way that I can continue to cheer even after my cheerleading prime has passed me; I would not say that the grass is greener on this side. I would much rather be on of the cheerleaders than the coach in charge. Even though coaching lets me be a part of the sport it doesn't let me participate in the sport, and that's the major reason the grass is actually a little water deprived and starting to shrivel on the other side. After all these uneasy thoughts of having to someday stop doing what I love, I keep getting more and more excited and anxious for the week of Big 33 and to start cheering in college. June 11, the first day of the Big 33, can not come fast enough.

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