Sunday, October 31, 2010

10 Uses For Your Body After You Die

"Like many Americans, you probably think you're pretty charitable. Perhaps you donate money to the needy or ill, give away your old clothes, volunteer at your child's school or participate in holiday gift drives in December. But you may be missing something. As you're charitable in life, you could also be charitable in death" (10 Uses For Your Body After You Die)

1. Donate your organs
2. Donate your tissue
3. Will your body to a university
4. Help doctors practice their skills
5. Leave your body to "the body farm"
6. Become a crash test cadaver
7. Give your body to a broker
8. Send your body on tour
9. Become a skeleton
10. Be on display at a museum

This is actually a good idea. While it's tradition to bury your loved ones, all their body is doing underground is rotting; so why not donated their body to science. Donating your body to science can help future generations learn more about the human body through studies and research. Just think your skeleton could be in you grandchild's classroom or you could be a museum exhibit that travels the country. Donating your organs or tissue could save a life. I my self am an organ donor and I look at it this way; if I was in an accident and needed an organ transplant to survive wouldn't I be hoping for someone to have been generous enough to donate their organs so why wouldn't I do the same. So maybe think about this creative new idea on what to do with your body after you die.

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